10 Inch Color Sparklers

10″ Color Sparklers

If you’re looking for a more colorful alternative to traditional gold sparklers or want something that fits into your wedding theme, these 10″ color sparklers are the perfect choice for you.

1 Sleeve

(6 Sparklers)


Full Box

(72 Sparklers)


Full Case

(288 Sparklers)


Full Product Description

Our 10″ color sparklers are a great way to add some color to your wedding day. Available in your choice of 3 colors; red, blue, or green, these 10″ color sparklers burn with tints of the color you choose. While these sparklers don’t offer the elegant box design of our other wedding sparklers, they make up for asthetics with their various color options to better blend with your chosen color scheme.

Each of our 10″ color sparklers last approximately 30-45 seconds, so we suggest 5 sparklers per guest for plenty of “sparkle” time. Because of the color tints, these 10″ color sparklers produce some smoke and should only be used outdoors.

Color Sparklers in a Centerpiece

Color Sparklers at a Wedding