10 Inch Wedding Sparklers

10″ Wedding Sparklers

Our 10” wedding sparklers are perfect for sendoff lines, table centerpieces, and all around entertainment of your guests. As our most affordable line of wedding sparklers, they are inexpensive enough to fit into any wedding budget.

1 Sleeve

(8 Sparklers)


Full Box

(104 Sparklers)


Half Case

(304 Sparklers)


Full Case

(600 Sparklers)


Full Product Description

If you are planning on using your wedding sparklers for photos, you may want to consider purchasing longer ones such as our 20″ wedding sparklers. Using wedding sparklers for photos requires a bit of time to arrange, so these 10″ wedding sparklers may burn up a little too quickly if you are orchestrating several people in a group.

Each of our 10″ wedding sparklers last approximately 30-45 seconds, so we suggest at least 5 sparklers per guest to avoid your guests using up their sparklers before you can complete your sendoff line. Our 10″ wedding sparklers are “smokeless” or “low smoke”, so they can be used indoors.

10 Inch Wedding Sparklers in a Centerpiece

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