18 Inch Neon Color Sparklers

18″ Neon Sparklers

Our 18″ neon sparklers are certainly our most colorful item. The vibrant neon colors these sparklers produce are the richest and most illuminating out of any sparkler you’ll ever see. Your guests will love lighting your path to happiness with these 18″ neon sparklers.

1 Sleeve

(5 Sparklers)


Full Box

(40 Sparklers)


Full Case

(275 Sparklers)


Full Product Description

Each of our 18″ neon sparklers sleeves includes 1 each of blue, white, green, red, and yellow neon sparklers. With 5 intensely bright and super-rich colored sparklers in each sleeve, your wedding day will be overflowing with the most vivid colors imaginable. This can make for some of the most unforgettable night time wedding photos you’ll ever see.

Each of our 18″ neon sparklers last approximately 1 1/2 minutes, so we suggest having 2-3 sparklers per guest to avoid your guests using up their sparklers before you can complete your sendoff line or photos. Because of the vibrant color, these 18″ neon sparklers produce some smoke and should only be used outdoors.

Neon Sparklers in a Centerpiece

Neon Sparklers at a Wedding