Single Bottle Sparkler Holder

Bottle Sparkler Holders

If you’re tired of trying to attach your bottle sparklers to champagne or liquor bottles using tape, rubber bands, or other improvised solutions, check out our bottle sparkler holders that are completely reusable, safe to use, and available in your choice of single, double, or triple sparkler holders.

Single Holder

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Double Holder

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Triple Holder

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Full Product Description

Our bottle sparkler holders are the correct way to attach your bottle sparklers to your bottles of champagne or liquor at your wedding or other event. Fashioning bottle sparkler holders from random items such as rubber bands or tape can be both dangerous and unsightly, so why not get the right tool for the job? Best of all, our bottle sparkler holders are completely reusable so you don’t need to keep buying them every time you want to use some bottle sparklers. We offer three different options; single bottle sparkler holders,┬ádouble bottle sparkler holders, and┬átriple bottle sparkler holders. Each bottle sparkler holder is sold individually.

Double Bottle Sparkler Holder

Triple Bottle Sparkler Holder