Number Sparklers

Number Shaped Sparklers

Our number shaped sparklers are a great addition to any wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other event when there is something to celebrate. Number sparklers work great for a variety of different purposes which is why they’ve become such a hot seller.

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Full Product Description

Each number shaped sparkler is made to enhance your celebration. Whether you’re putting them on top of cupcakes at your wedding or writing out your wedding date for a special photo moment, our number shaped sparklers always look spectacular and perform perfectly. Most people use our number shaped sparklers in cakes in place of birthday candles or to add more flare for a wedding, but you can also hold them in your hand like traditional wedding sparklers.

When you buy a full set of number shaped sparklers, you’ll get one of each number, 0 through 9. That’s 10 numbers total! Optionally, you can buy our number shaped sparklers individually if you want duplicates or only need specific numbers.

Number Shaped Sparklers on a Wedding Cake

Number Shaped Sparklers in their Packaging