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6 Wedding Cake Alternatives

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So who says that you have to have a three-tiered fondant-covered cake at your wedding, anyway? Sure, it’s the traditional dessert at a wedding reception. But like any wedding tradition, it’s to be followed only if it suits you and your partner’s vision for the day. If you’re not big on cake; or even not big on desserts in general, there are plenty of ways you can play with the idea of the big display cake without actually having cake involved. Read on for a few out-there ideas that are anything but traditional.


When you think about it, pizza and wedding cake have a lot in common. They both are traditionally round but occasionally come in squares, both are eaten by the slice, both are baked, and … well, that’s about it. Still, a multi-tiered display of pizza is a fun way to get around the wedding cake tradition. It’s not a sweet treat, but it can be the main course at your reception instead of the dessert.


If you’re having a brunch reception, you can certainly be excused from having a traditional cake. Who eats cake before noon? Instead, stick with the “round and baked” principal of the pizza and go for a waffle display. Instead of frosting, you can offer your guests multiple fruit, syrup, and whipped cream options to top their waffles.


Now, we’re not talking the kind of truffles that pigs dig for, the mushrooms that grow on the roots of trees. No, we’re talking the rich chocolate-filled-chocolate confection type of truffles. We’ve seen couples make something resembling a croquembouche with truffles instead of puff-pastry. It’s beautiful, it’s delicious, and it’s so rich that you can get by with smaller portions than you’d need for cake.

Snack foods

Of all the “stack things up and pretend it’s cake” options, this is our favorite: a three-tiered wedding cake made of Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes, and other snack foods. It sounds a little hillbilly, but in practice it can look pretty glamourous. We think it’s the perfect combination of kitsch and class. Just don’t ask us to eat any of those preservative-laden stomach bombs.

Dessert Shots

If the whole three-tier display isn’t your style, you can ditch the basic cake-shape all together and go for something a la carte and elegant. Dessert shots are a great way to provide some variety to your guests. We’re not talking booze, here–just regular desserts served in single-serving bite-size portions. Sometimes they’re prepared in actual shot glasses for portability and portion control.


You know there’s one dessert item that just doesn’t get enough love; Cookies. Sure, we’ll eat them if there’s a box of Girl Scout cookies around, but when was the last time you sought out cookies rather than settled for them? You can right this confectionery wrong by featuring cookies as the dessert at your wedding. Bonus points for serving them with a short, wide glass of milk to encourage dipping.

If wedding cake isn’t your thing, let your imagination run wild and see what other possibilities come to mind. If you can put it on a cake stand, it totally counts.

Choosing a Wedding Cake Knife Set

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Wedding Cake Knife SetThe cake cutting ceremony is a tradition that dates back quite a long time, and many couples cite it as one of the most memorable parts of their wedding day experience. After all, what could be more fun than slicing up your wedding cake, grabbing a piece, and shoving into your partner’s face? Though it sounds like all fun and games, the cake cutting ceremony is actually quite important and many guests will be looking forward to it. To do it right, you need to choose the perfect wedding cake knife set to match your decorations and your personalities. Here are a few of the most popular styles of wedding knife sets to make choosing what’s right for you a bit easier.

What’s Included

When you open up your wedding cake knife set, you’ll notice that it is comprised of two parts; a cutting knife and a serving knife. Obviously, you use the cutting knife to cut the wedding cake, and you use the serving knife to lift each piece up and place it on your serving plates.

Stainless Steel Sets

Stainless steel is probably the most popular choice for wedding cake knives because they look very formal, are built to last a very long time, and are less expensive than many of the other options. The shiny exterior will look fabulous to your guests from a distance while the strength of the steel blade will easily cut through your cake. Additionally, if you choose to buy your knife set, it is dishwasher friendly and will last for many years.

Crystal Sets

Crystal wedding cake knife sets are incredibly elegant, but they also carry a very hefty price tag. On top of that, crystal is fairly brittle compared to the metal sets that are on the market, so you need to be very careful not to drop them or even set them down too hard. However, if you are looking to impress everyone in the room, a crystal wedding cake knife set is the ultimate status symbol.

Silver Sets

Much like the stainless steel sets, a silver wedding cake knife set will be made of metal so it will be more durable than one made from crystal. Additionally, since it is made from .999% pure silver, it actually makes for a pretty good investment and will be a great heirloom o pass down to your children. However, since silver tarnishes quite easily, you’ll need to make sure you keep it polished on a regular basis. Most people don’t use their silver cake knives on a regular basis but instead use them as display pieces that are only used on very special occasions.

Renting vs. Buying

Though many couples choose to buy their wedding cake knife set, there are some cake suppliers that offer them for rent. This can be a great way to save money, and it can also be a great way to use an expensive version like crystal or silver when you can’t afford to buy it. However, it is traditional to bring home your knife set after your wedding which is impossible if you choose to rent instead of buy. Since there are pros and cons for either decision, it is ultimately a choice that is up to you as a couple.

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

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Though many couples prefer to go with a traditional style of wedding cake topper that is romantic and to the point, there are several manufacturers out there that offer funny wedding cake toppers to make your wedding cake a little more unique. In fact, funny wedding cake toppers are one of the hottest new trends in the wedding cake industry because they allow couples to individualize their cake and add a little levity to an otherwise stuffy occasion. Though funny wedding cake toppers aren’t for everyone, here are a few of my personal favorites that I’ve stumbled across over the years.

Ball and Chain

Ball and Chain Wedding Cake TopperWe’ve all seen the classic t-shirts and images portraying the happy wife and the groom with a ball and chain attached to his foot, so why wouldn’t it be crafted into a wedding cake topper? This classic scene will have everyone smiling and laughing (except the groom) at this always humorous cliché. And besides, your new husband won’t have any qualms admitting it’s true after once everyone at the wedding sees this stark and honest admission of who really runs this household. Of course, we all know that you’ll still let him hold the remote.

Dragging the Groom

Dragging the Groom Wedding Cake TopperThough it rarely is the case in reality, some brides out there feel like they had to drag their groom to the altar. Whether you’ve been dating for several years and he just got up the nerve to propose or he’s been putting off setting a wedding date even though you’ve been engaged for quite a while, this funny wedding cake topper is sure to illustrate the point and make your cake look nice at the same time. Even if the cake topper doesn’t have any real footing in reality, it can still be a great way to add a little fun to what would otherwise be a standard looking wedding cake.

Motorcycle Buddies

Motorcycle Wedding Cake TopperThis one is a little more straight-forward and publicly acceptable, but it is by far one of my personal favorite funny wedding cake toppers because I really love motorcycles. These two lovebirds are cruising into the sunset on the back of mean looking hog, and each of them are holding a bottle of beer in their hand for a little extra bit of fun. Though this cake topper is less “ha-ha” funny and more “chuckle-chuckle” funny, your wedding guests are sure to appreciate it if it reflects who you actually are. If you’re not bikers, then substitute that idea for something that is more relevant to your actual life and it will be a huge hit.

Though this is just a small sampling of the various funny wedding cake toppers that I’ve seen over the years, they should give you an idea of what is out there and what is possible. Whether you like a classic scene like the ball and chain or want something that more closely resembles your own relationship like the bride and groom on the motorcycle, there are literally endless amount of options available. Just discuss what you want with your wedding cake designer and I’m sure you can get exactly what you have in your head turned into a wonderful wedding cake topper.