36 Inch Wedding Sparklers


Our 36 inch wedding sparklers are our longest and thickest product, which makes them the longest-lasting wedding sparklers you’ll find. Their large size also makes for really huge “sparkle” effects, which makes them an ideal choice for photos and sendoff lines.

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These 36 inch wedding sparklers are ideal for any bride who wants plenty of time for pictures. Their long “sparkle” time and huge effects make it easy for your photographer to get that perfect shot. At nearly twice the length and thickness of our other products, you won’t find a longer-lasting sparkler anywhere.

How Many 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers Should I Purchase?

These last approximately 3 1/2 minutes, so you only need 1-2 items per guest for classic wedding photos and dazzling sendoff lines without fear of your guests using them up too quickly. These are “smokeless” or “low smoke”, so they can be used indoors.

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Package Size

1/2 Box (48 Sparklers), Full Box (96 Sparklers), 1/2 Case (144 Sparklers), Full Case (288 Sparklers)


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