Roller Coaster WeddingSure, a church wedding can be absolutely gorgeous. A beach wedding is fantastic. Even a trip to the justice of the peace has its appeal. But don’t you think all of those traditional options are just a little bit…dull? A little too safe? If the idea of having absolutely no risk of death or injury on your wedding day just doesn’t excite you, perhaps one of these extremely crazy ideas will fit the bill. After all, I’m sure you can hold a great reception in the Emergency Room.


If you and your significant other are really into adrenaline, Las Vegas Extreme Skydiving has the dream wedding for you. In fact, there are three ways to tie the knot: you can get married on the ground and go skydiving afterward; you can skydive first and get married at the drop zone; or for the most adventurous, say your vows as you get up to altitude in the plane, and take the leap into your new life together as the preacher pronounces you husband and wife. Though there is the risk that after you’ve gone through free-fall together, no other experience will quite measure up.


If you want to make sure there won’t be a dry eye in the house–or a dry anything, really–break out the SCUBA gear and go for an underwater wedding. Plenty of resorts across the world offer the ability to do the whole ceremony underwater, complete with a soggy minister. You can get married near a reef, near a sunken ship, or in shark-infested waters for an extra kick. Granted, you’ll have to write your “I Do’s” on a slate–there’s no talking in the fathoms below–but it’s definitely a way to have a memorable ceremony.

On a Roller Coaster

For a safer adrenaline rush, trade in the music of a string quartet for the click-clack of cars on a track. Instead of a reading from Scripture or a bit of poetry, how about excited screams? A roller coaster wedding gives you the opportunity to have an outdoor wedding that’s truly unforgettable. They’ll even take your wedding photo at the bottom of one of the drops! It’ll really prepare you for the ups and downs of marriage.

Near an Active Volcano

If the thought of a beach wedding seems too tame for you, take a trip to Hawaii’s National Parks and get married next to a live volcano. A mere $150 will get you a permit to hold a wedding in the park. You’ll need to keep the wedding party small, and you’ll have to do a lot of clean-up afterward, but how many people can say they said their vows next to a genuine natural wonder?

In the Sky

If you’d like a sky wedding, but skydiving doesn’t really appeal to you, Marriage in the Sky can hook you up–literally. They’ll bring in a crane, attach a platform with plenty of safety features, and hoist it 150 feet into the air. They even have an aisle to walk down! You can have your reception 15 stories off the ground, too–they’ll add a second platform with dinner service or to hold a string quartet. The only thing they can’t do, apparently, is add a dance floor.

If you want to test that whole “‘’til death do we part” bit of your wedding vow as quickly as possible, there are plenty of high-adrenaline wedding options for you. Just make sure you get your SCUBA certification, skydiving license, or theme park admission before the day of the wedding. And if you’re asking your best man and maid of honor to go twenty feet underwater or 150 feet in the air, consider splurging on those wedding party gifts.