Beach weddings require some creative decoration ideas since they are different than an indoor wedding. When choosing decoration ideas keep in mind the weather conditions that could occur on the big day.

A common decorating theme for a beach wedding is red and white, but you should choose whatever colors will make your day feel special. Whether you choose a red and white color scheme or not, flowers are always a good prop for decorating for a beach wedding. White and red roses can go perfectly with your theme. Heavy rocks and other similar items can be used to prevent the flowers from being blown away in a strong breeze.

As long as available space on the beach allows it, musical instruments are a nice touch for any beach wedding. Hiring a small classical music band can add to the ambience of the ceremony and/or the reception.

Another decorating idea for a beach wedding, especially one that takes place at sunset, is tea candles. Lining your aisle with tea candles nestled safely in candle glasses makes your wedding even more romantic. Torches can be used to line the site of the wedding so that the party can continue well after dark.

To decorate items such as food and gift tables, ribbons are a cheap and easy resource. The ribbons can match your wedding colors or can represent the colors of the beach. Chairs used for guests to sit in can also be adorned with ribbons. In addition, some couples choose to have a wine table at their beach wedding, which ribbons can also be used to decorate. Lighted garlands are also a great choice for an evening wedding. Choosing lights that run on batteries, rather than electricity, will ensure that your lights last the duration of the wedding. Having extra batteries at the wedding should give you peace of mind. Grass skirts can also be used for a beach wedding. The skirts can be used as a border around the table or even as part of a centerpiece.

Other options for table centerpieces at a beach wedding include oysters shells, shaped driftwood, floating centerpieces, fishbowls, tin pails, conch shells, mini lighthouses or sand castles, a bowl of sea shells or a pail of sunflowers. Some couples even include colored sand in their décor. Clear glass bowls and vases with colored sand in them can serve as an affordable and creative table centerpiece.

Decorating the area of the beach where your wedding will be held is as easy as scattering colored stones and seashells. Driftwoods and ocean rocks can also add some beautiful décor to your beach wedding and make it feel more authentic.

Parasols are the perfect way to decorate for your beach wedding and also provide your guests with a source of shade. For a mid -afternoon wedding this can make the difference between happy guests and uncomfortable guest.

Decorating for your beach wedding can be a fun experience with a lot of unique options, so just let your creative side run wild and you’ll have a beautiful backdrop for your special moments.