So you’re planning your wedding reception, and for any of a number of very good possible reasons, you’ve decided to have a dry reception. It’s certainly an acceptable option for anyone with religious or lifestyle reasons to avoid alcohol. But it does make the reception planning a little more difficult. While there are plenty of articles about cash bar versus open bar, or wine and beer versus cocktails, there are very few resources for tasty non-alcoholic beverages. So we’re creating one right here, right now. Here are a few delicious non-alcoholic drinks that are cool and refreshing for your summer wedding reception.

Minty Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer is the classic mock-tail, which mixes two simple ingredients–lemonade and iced tea–to come up with something that tastes like more than the sum of its parts. But you can take it to the next level by adding a dash of mint simple syrup and some mint sprigs to each glass. It makes the perfect summertime drink even more refreshing, especially when served ice cold.

Shirley Temple

For a 1920’s themed wedding, go for the classic non-alcoholic favorite of adorable curly-haired moppets everywhere. The recipe couldn’t be simpler–just mix a dash of grenadine (cherry-flavored syrup) with a tall glass of lemon-lime soda, and there you have it. The sugar kick will keep your guests dancing well into the evening, and the color will stain everyone’s teeth, making for hilarious pictures.

Moscow Donkey

The Moscow Mule is one of the most delicious summer cocktails known to man. It contains dark (non-alcoholic) ginger beer, lime juice, mint, vodka and plenty of ice, served in a copper cup for maximum chill. The thing is, the vodka doesn’t add any flavor to the drink, since vodka’s not the most flavorful thing out there. So just leave out the vodka and keep the other ingredients and you’ve got a delicious mock-tail.

Safe Sex on the Beach

It’s worth making this your signature cocktail just for the brilliant pun. It’s dead simple to make, too–just mix cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and peach nectar in equal proportions and top with a maraschino cherry. It’s got a decadently tropical feel to it, almost cloyingly sweet, but still pleasant over ice.

Lemon Blueberry Colada

Not enough mock-tails have that great tiki-room coconut vibe to them, but this one seeks to address that void. To make it, combine 8 parts sparkling lemonade with 2 parts light coconut milk and one part grenadine. Add frozen blueberries as ice cubes and you’ve got a great refreshing drink for that mid-reception slowdown.

Cucumber Agua Fresca

This fun blended drink is about as refreshing as you can get without diving into a pool. Just peel and seed your cucumbers, then blend them with water, ice, sugar, lime juice, and a pinch or two of salt, all to taste. You’ll end up with a fresh-tasting, not overly-sweet slushy that kids and grownups alike can enjoy.

Just because you’re having a dry reception doesn’t mean you have to give up on a signature cocktail. Just make it one of these mock-tails and you’ll provide your guests with a cold, refreshing beverage that’s perfect on a hot summer day.