Let’s face it: nerds are cool. Superhero movies dominate the multiplex, Star Wars and Star Trek both got a reboot, everyone plays video games, and Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows in history. It’s a good time to be a geek. So as you’re planning your wedding, don’t be afraid to let that freak flag fly. There are plenty of ways to integrate your nerdy obsessions (hopefully ones you and your partner share) into your wedding. Here are four fun and nerdy wedding themes to consider:

Video Game

You don’t have to put the bride in a pink dress and the groom in blue overalls to have a video game wedding theme. Just make the invitations look like the starting screen of a fighting game, with the message “Player 2 Has Joined The Game!” Carry the theme through in your decorations–perhaps enlist some of your younger relatives (or friends’ kids) to make sprites out of perler beads to use as part of the bouquet. Have consoles hooked up to projectors for some reception rounds of Super Smash Bros. Then end the party with a piñata shaped like one of Mario’s coin blocks.

Star Trek

What better wish could you have for a wedding couple but “live long and prosper?” Now, we’re not suggesting you get married in full Starfleet regalia, but you can definitely dress the bridesmaids in solid-color red and blue sheath dresses that are visually reminiscent of Starfleet uniforms. In the same way, outfit the groomsmen in solid primary-color shirts. Just keep a close eye on the one in the red shirt, to avoid tragedy striking. Make sure to incorporate a Vulcan salute in your vows, and have plenty of Romulan Ale (or UV Wave Runner, which is the right shade of blue) for your guests to quaff.

Star Wars

If you’re looking to go full nerd, there aren’t many things nerdier than a Star Wars-themed wedding. But if you love Star Wars, don’t let a little nerdiness dissuade you. And unlike Star Trek, there isn’t much dignity to preserve for Star Wars, so go ahead and break out the costumes. Have Darth Vader as your officiant. List your honeymoon location as “Coruscant.” Make an Ewok your ring bearer. There are no wrong answers in Star Wars–oh, wait. Except Jar-Jar. Please don’t incorporate Jar-Jar into your wedding in any capacity.

Game of Thrones

Sure, the actual Game of Thrones TV show hasn’t had that great of luck with weddings–it seems like every time the wedding bell rings, bad things happen. You don’t have to pile up a body count at your wedding, though. You can just take fashion and color cues from the show and leave the violence behind. And consult the official recipe book for some truly fabulous reception meal ideas.

Nerds are the new cool kids, so if you have nerdy inclinations, why not indulge them on your wedding day? You’ll have a memorable ceremony that’ll be fun for everyone, and you’ll end up with some really great pictures to show your grandkids.