Though many couples prefer to go with a traditional style of wedding cake topper that is romantic and to the point, there are several manufacturers out there that offer funny wedding cake toppers to make your wedding cake a little more unique. In fact, funny wedding cake toppers are one of the hottest new trends in the wedding cake industry because they allow couples to individualize their cake and add a little levity to an otherwise stuffy occasion. Though funny wedding cake toppers aren’t for everyone, here are a few of my personal favorites that I’ve stumbled across over the years.

Ball and Chain

Ball and Chain Wedding Cake TopperWe’ve all seen the classic t-shirts and images portraying the happy wife and the groom with a ball and chain attached to his foot, so why wouldn’t it be crafted into a wedding cake topper? This classic scene will have everyone smiling and laughing (except the groom) at this always humorous cliché. And besides, your new husband won’t have any qualms admitting it’s true after once everyone at the wedding sees this stark and honest admission of who really runs this household. Of course, we all know that you’ll still let him hold the remote.

Dragging the Groom

Dragging the Groom Wedding Cake TopperThough it rarely is the case in reality, some brides out there feel like they had to drag their groom to the altar. Whether you’ve been dating for several years and he just got up the nerve to propose or he’s been putting off setting a wedding date even though you’ve been engaged for quite a while, this funny wedding cake topper is sure to illustrate the point and make your cake look nice at the same time. Even if the cake topper doesn’t have any real footing in reality, it can still be a great way to add a little fun to what would otherwise be a standard looking wedding cake.

Motorcycle Buddies

Motorcycle Wedding Cake TopperThis one is a little more straight-forward and publicly acceptable, but it is by far one of my personal favorite funny wedding cake toppers because I really love motorcycles. These two lovebirds are cruising into the sunset on the back of mean looking hog, and each of them are holding a bottle of beer in their hand for a little extra bit of fun. Though this cake topper is less “ha-ha” funny and more “chuckle-chuckle” funny, your wedding guests are sure to appreciate it if it reflects who you actually are. If you’re not bikers, then substitute that idea for something that is more relevant to your actual life and it will be a huge hit.

Though this is just a small sampling of the various funny wedding cake toppers that I’ve seen over the years, they should give you an idea of what is out there and what is possible. Whether you like a classic scene like the ball and chain or want something that more closely resembles your own relationship like the bride and groom on the motorcycle, there are literally endless amount of options available. Just discuss what you want with your wedding cake designer and I’m sure you can get exactly what you have in your head turned into a wonderful wedding cake topper.