Weddings are a very romantic celebration, so conveying that message through every detail is a very popular way to choose your wedding design and decorations. Hearts are a popular choice for patterns on plates, napkins, and even confetti, but many overlook their role in wedding favors. As we all know, giving your guests wedding favors for making the arduous journey to be there on your big day is very customary. Though your guests aren’t expecting you to give them a gift, a nice wedding favor is usually a great way to show your appreciation. There are a wide range of options available for wedding favors such sentimental items and practical items that will be used every day; but choosing something that incorporates hearts in the design makes them all the more romantic.

The best part about heart shaped wedding favors is that almost any regular type of favor can be made with hearts in the design. In fact, I would go as far as to say that most types of wedding favors have versions available utilizing hearts since there are now so many brands and retailers trying to cover all the niches. Since there are so many options out there, here are my personal favorite heart shaped wedding favors to help you choose what you like for your wedding reception.

Heart Shaped Picture Frame

Heart Shaped Picture FramePicture frames are one of the most classic and common wedding favors, but there is nothing like giving your guests a picture with your heads poking through the center of a heart! Though there are many different styles of heart shaped picture frames available, my personal favorite is and always will be the ones that are made from wood with rustic tree bark on the front. There is something so compelling about the combination of nature and romance, natural growth and the growth of love, that just makes it work. Plus, since it’s a picture frame, your guests are sure to use them for many years to come.

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

Heart Shaped Measuring SpoonsWhen most people think of wedding favors, I would bet that one of the last things they would think of would be measuring spoons. There really isn’t anything sexy or romantic about measuring spoons, but they are certainly practical and useful which puts them high on the list for good, solid wedding favors. When you give your guests heart shaped measuring spoons, they will be reminded of your wedding each time they measure out a seasoning or ingredient in their kitchen. Not only that, but measuring spoons are one of those items that tend to linger around for several years, so they are sure to see plenty of use.

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Heart Shaped SparklersOver the past decade, the use of sparklers as part of a wedding reception has steadily been on the rise. Not only are wedding sparklers a great substitute for confetti, rice, or birdseed at a wedding reception, but they are also a great way to make your pictures look nicer. One of the most popular styles to buy is heart shaped sparklers, and the reasons why are pretty obvious. Since hearts are such a romantic shape, having sparklers that are shaped like is a much better option than having the regular straight ones. Everyone already loves sparklers, so having hearts shaped sparklers at your wedding will be an instant hit.

Heart Shaped Playing Cards

Heart Shaped Playing CardsPlaying cards are one of those items that never get thrown away and will get use throughout the years several times. Since we’re talking about giving out playing cards as a wedding favor, it’s only logical to consider choosing heart shaped playing cards to really bring out the romance of the event. Heart shaped playing cards are just like regular playing cards except they are die-cut into the shape of hearts. This makes them particularly unique in appearance, and also very romantic. Though your guests won’t use them every time they play cards, they will be a fun novelty piece that they enjoy a few times each year.