Themed WeddingNow that you have a ring on your finger and you’re ready to start planning, deciding on what style of wedding you want will be the first thing you need to do. Until you choose a wedding style, you really can’t do much planning because everything from the look of your dress to the look of your invitations will hinge on what the overall theme is going to be. Traditionally, all wedding ceremonies were pretty much the same and planning it was a template process that had very little variation. However, weddings today are much more personalized and there are many more styles of wedding from which to choose. Below you will find a selection of 4 different styles of weddings to help you narrow down the type of event you want to create for your memorable day.

Formal Weddings

A formal wedding is the most typical style of wedding with elegant decorations and classy service. All of your guests will be expected to wear formal clothing, and every single detail is going to scream quality. Formal weddings are one of the most expensive styles to have because you will need plated food and expensive champagne for all your guests. Rather than being able to have a DJ for your dance hall, you will need to hire a professional group of musicians. If you want something fancy and tasteful, a formal wedding is what you are after.

Casual Weddings

Casual weddings are becoming more [popular because they cost much less to plan than a formal wedding and the expectations aren’t so high. Your guests will be expected to dress nice, but in something more comfortable than a three piece suit. Casual weddings are a great choice if you want to serve a buffet-style dinner and hire a DJ as entertainment because the whole idea is to have fun and celebrate rather than be elegant and formal.

Themed Weddings

A themed wedding is a spin on a casual wedding that creates an atmosphere unlike what you would normally expect. A great example of a themed wedding is having a “beach” wedding in the middle of winter. You would adorn the reception hall with palm trees and other tropical decorations to give the vibe of being on the beach without having to travel. Most couples who choose to have a themed wedding will take it a step further and request their guests to wear attire that is appropriate for the theme such as Hawaiian shirts and sandals.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are very similar to themed weddings except that they are the real deal. Yu literally pack your suitcases and fly to a far off destination where a group of your friends and family will meet you for a ceremony. Usually, destination weddings are much more intimate and include far fewer guests than other styles of weddings, but this isn’t always the case. Popular choices for destination weddings include romantic places such as Italy, tropical places such as Hawaii, or places that are notorious for their couple’s activities like the Napa Valley wine area. Destination weddings are usually pretty expensive, but they are well worth the extra money if you have the money to spare.