Military WeddingWeddings are a very special and memorable day in general, but this is even more true when it is a military wedding. The service men and women who have sacrificed their time and effort for the betterment of our country are even more deserving of a perfect wedding day, so planning out every detail correctly has never been more important. It is important to keep in mind when planning a military wedding that there are many things that are unique and special to a military wedding that you won’t find in any other type of celebration. While this does not necessarily mean it will be more difficult to plan, it can mean that you need to take certain things into consideration. Below, we will cover a few of the things that set a military wedding apart for an ordinary wedding to help you plan everything accordingly.

How Formal?

Just because someone is in the military doesn’t mean it needs to be overly formal. On the other hand, some members of the military are very proud of their service and their uniform represents their commitment. Whether or not you want a formal military wedding or something more casual is completely a personal choice, but determining the answer early will help you with planning the other aspects of the celebration. Most of the other elements will hinge completely on how formal the event is going to be, so it should be one of the first things you decide.


Seating at a military wedding is a very important thing to consider. If you are having generals, admirals, or another type of high ranking officer at your wedding, they should be seated accordingly based on their rank near the head table. The proper arrangement for their seating can be tricky depending on what branch of the military they are part of, so you should do your research to get it right. If you have non-commissioned officers in attendance of the same rank, they should be seated along with the commissioned officers.

Saber Arch

The saber arch is a really unique part of a military wedding that is also very specific to the branch of the military. The Navy has a saber arch that happens right after the blessing, and the Army and Air Force have optional saber arch ceremonies of their own. The arch usually starts as the couple exits the church and heads down the stairs. As the couple moves through the different series of sabers, they drop behind them. When they get to the end of the arch and the final sabers have dropped, the couple is supposed to kiss and they continue on to the reception hall.