• Gold Bottle/Cake Sparklers

    Arrives 2024/07/20 - 2024/07/29
    Our gold bottle/cake sparklers are a great way to add some fun to your wedding celebration. Nothing makes and entrance like a champagne bottle with sparks flying out of the top or a wedding cake that is literally lighting up the entire reception hall.
  • Heart Shaped Sparklers

    Arrives 2024/07/20 - 2024/07/29
    Our heart shaped sparklers feature a unique look and elegant packaging designed for romantic celebrations with wedding decor specifically in mind. These are quickly becoming one of our best selling items!
  • Out of stock
    Our number shaped sparklers are a great addition to any wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other event when there is something to celebrate. They work great for a variety of different purposes which is why they’ve become such a hot seller.
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