Wedding Cake SparklersThere are many people out there who are interested in putting sparklers on a cake. While this has been a fairly common practice at birthday parties, the idea is quickly growing into a staple at many wedding receptions. Because if this large spike in demand, manufacturers have begun to develop sparklers for this specific purpose called wedding cake sparklers. Though they have the word “sparklers” in their title, wedding cake sparklers are very different from the traditional sense of the word. We will go over some of the unique features that wedding cake sparklers have to offer below.

What are Wedding Cake Sparklers?

Wedding cake sparklers, also known as birthday cake sparklers, are more like little fountains than sparklers. They have the appearance of tubes rather than the traditional stick style design found in the sparklers you hold in your hand, which allows for a much more powerful and stunning display. Furthermore, wedding cake sparklers are completely safe to use with food because of this design, as well as the formula used in the sparkler compound itself. The major benefit with their design is that you can make you wedding cake light up for a dazzling display without rendering the cake useless and inedible.

Using Wedding Cake Sparklers

Using wedding cake sparklers is a very straight-forward process. Unlike regular sparklers, such as our #10 wedding sparklers or #20 wedding sparklers, each of the tube shaped sparkler has a little red spike on the bottom to securely hold it in place on the cake. This spike keeps the sparkler from tipping over while it does its thing. All you need to do is place a few wedding cake sparklers onto the top of the cake much like you would with birthday candles, light the tops, and enjoy the show. Your guests will surely get a kick out of the dazzling light show, and it will add a really memorable effect to your cake cutting ceremony.

Ways to Use Wedding Cake Sparklers

The most traditional way to use wedding cake sparklers is to place a few on each tier of your cake. This method will provide a very cool 3D effect and make sure that everyone in the reception hall sees the show. If you are looking for a more intense type of display, you can also put a sparkler into each piece of your wedding cake for your guests to enjoy. The best way to do this is to put a wedding cake sparkler into each piece as you hand them to your guests, and then instruct everyone to light their sparklers at the same time once they’ve returned to their seats. This type of effect can make for some really great wedding photos with each piece of cake sparkling throughout your entire reception hall.