Wedding ProposalWhen you ask your partner to become your fiancé, it should be one of the most romantic and memorable moments of your lives. We all know that you need to get down on one knee, open the ring box, and say those words she’s dying to hear, but choosing the right time and place is very important for making it unforgettable. Fortunately, you’re not the first person who has thought about proposing to the women they love, so there are plenty of great ideas out there already. Here are the most romantic wedding proposal ideas that we’ve heard over the years to give you some ideas for your magic moment.

First Date

Taking your partner to the place you first met or where you had your first date is a very sentimental way to pop the question. It’s always great to begin by talking about what you remember from that date, as well as telling her how beautiful she looked and how beautiful she is today. Talk about spending your life with her, then get down on your knee and ask the question.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a great idea for a variety of special occasions, so why not for your wedding proposal? Create a series of clues that will lead her all over the city to your favorite spots and anywhere that has special meaning. When she gets to the last clue, you should be their waiting for her already down on one knee with the ring clearly visible. It will take some work, but you’ll earn some serious cool points.

Morning Surprise

One of my personal favorite wedding proposals is to slip the ring on her finger while she sleeps and then wake her up to a fun day of spoiling. The real fun is to make her breakfast in bed and take her out to do her favorite things while you wait for her to realize there’s a ring on her finger! Some women figure it out right away, but sometimes it takes a little while for them to notice. That’s all part of the fun!

Star Stickers

The wedding proposal idea that I used involved those little glow in the dark star stickers and a lot of patience. I wrote “will you marry me” on the ceiling above our bed using the star stickers and waited for her to notice it one night while we were in bed. It actually took her 2 days to see it on her own, but when she did she rewarded me with a “yes” answer.

Whatever you choose to do to propose to your partner, make sure you put in some time and effort when planning it out. Women really like it when you put thought into things, and your wedding proposal is probably the most important thing of all.