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    10 Inch Color Sparklers

    If you’re looking for a more colorful alternative to traditional gold sparklers or want something that fits into your wedding theme, these 10″ color sparklers are the perfect choice for you.
  • Our 10 inch wedding sparklers are perfect for sendoff lines, table centerpieces, and all around entertainment of your guests. As our most affordable line of products, they are inexpensive enough to fit into any wedding budget.
  • Our 18″ neon color sparklers are certainly our most colorful item. The vibrant neon colors these produce are the richest and most illuminating out of any others you’ll ever see. Your guests will love lighting your path to happiness with these 18″ neon color sparklers.
  • 20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

    As our most popular sized sparklers, 20 inch wedding sparklers are the perfect mix of duration and price. These offer plenty of “sparkle” time for sendoff lines and photos while remaining inexpensive enough to fit into most wedding budgets.
  • 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

    Our 36 inch wedding sparklers are our longest and thickest product, which makes them the longest-lasting wedding sparklers you’ll find. Their large size also makes for really huge “sparkle” effects, which makes them an ideal choice for photos and sendoff lines.
  • Our gold bottle/cake sparklers are a great way to add some fun to your wedding celebration. Nothing makes and entrance like a champagne bottle with sparks flying out of the top or a wedding cake that is literally lighting up the entire reception hall.
  • Heart Shaped Sparklers

    Our heart shaped sparklers feature a unique look and elegant packaging designed for romantic celebrations with wedding decor specifically in mind. These are quickly becoming one of our best selling items!
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    Our number shaped sparklers are a great addition to any wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other event when there is something to celebrate. They work great for a variety of different purposes which is why they’ve become such a hot seller.


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