When you and your partner leave the chapel on your wedding day, you could hop into the same faithful Honda Civic that got you to the ceremony. It might lack panache, sure, but transportation is transportation. Or you could upgrade to a limousine, but when you think about it, what’s a limousine but just a nicer version of that same old car? If you really want to leave the wedding and embark on your new life together in style, consider these unconventional modes of transportation


Okay, so there’s one major requirement you’ll need if you plan on getting away by boat: water. If you’re getting married by a lake, pond, or slow river, a canoe is a nifty rustic option for your wedding getaway. The experience of paddling together to keep the boat pointed where you want it to go is a good way to start your life as a new couple. And accidentally capsizing the canoe and being able to continue without assigning blame and arguing is good practice, too.


If you and your partner are experienced riders, why not ride into the sunset together after the ceremony? The bride on a white horse, the groom on a black horse–you’ll get some great pictures out of your nuptial ride. Just make sure both of you know how to ride so no one gets hurt–if you’ve never been on a horse in your life, you might want a safer option. Maybe a donkey; they’re more docile.

Tandem Bicycle

If you’re not into the unpredictable element of giant live animals at your wedding, you can do a different kind of ride into the sunset on a tandem bicycle. We recommend practice with this one too, though–they’re harder to ride than it looks. Still, if you can master it in time for the ceremony, it’ll be absolutely adorable. Just prepare for guests to sing “Daisy, daisy, tell me your answer, do” as you ride off.

Yellow School Bus

No one really wants to ride the school bus when they’re in school. Once you’ve been out of school for a while, nostalgia starts to set in. Take you and your wedding party back in time by renting a school bus to shuttle you from the ceremony to the reception. Spitballs and back-of-the-bus make out sessions are optional.

Hay ride

If you’re having a fall wedding or a rustic wedding, or both; then a hay ride is a no-brainer for transportation between the wedding and the reception. Then you can arrange for a ride with just you and your new partner, snuggling up in the hay with a blanket wrapped around you, looking up at the stars. Unless you have seasonal allergies, it’s pretty romantic.


Of course, if you have the means and the inclination to go large on your post-wedding transportation, you can go all out and rent a helicopter to deliver you to the start of your honeymoon. Just don’t take a helicopter to the ceremony itself–the prop wash will totally wreck the bride’s hair.