Muscle Wedding CarPlanning your wedding is a very personal experience, so finding unique ways to express who you are as a couple is very important. Every element from the music to the decorations is a great opportunity to personalize your wedding, so it is very important to take advantage of every part. With everything you need to do to plan your wedding, it can seem a little overwhelming trying to find ways to make it more personal, but its really not to difficult with some planning. Here are some tips to help you find unique ways to personalize your wedding without making things too stressful or expensive.


When you put together your invitations, try to find a way that makes them more personal to you as a couples. A good idea is to include a small card that explains the story of how you met or some of the dreams you share together. You can also choose graphics that your friends and family will recognize as being inherently “you”.


The food you serve is a fun and easy way to personalize your wedding reception. Think of a dish that really sums up who you are as a couple or that everyone knows is your favorite. You can also do the same with the appetizers and wedding cake if you’re feeling up to the challenge.


Rather than going with the traditional limo for your wedding car, you can think outside the box and choose something that really illustrates your personal style. If you are a big fun of pickup trucks, you could rent a big-tired mudding truck. If you really love classic cars, you could rent an American muscle car with all the power you could dream of under the hood. What ever strikes your fancy, you can use it to personalize your wedding even further.


Pictures can tell the story of your romance better than almost anything else, so why not frame some up and set them around your reception hall? Your guests will love the personal touch that candid photos will provide, plus they will act as a great conversation piece. Another hidden benefit of putting lots of photos around at your reception is that it will save on decorating costs while still being romantic and fun.

Formal Wear

Your wedding dress and tuxedo will be some of the most visual examples of who you are, so make sure you choose items that express who you are in great detail. A popular way to do this is to choose a specific historical time period that you both enjoy such as the renaissance period or the roaring twenties and model your outfits accordingly. Don’t be afraid to personalize every part of your wedding and make the day as unique as possible because you will probably only get one wedding day.