When it comes time to start picking your wedding favors, choosing something that your guests can actually use is always a great idea. Not only will your guests enjoy a wedding favor more when they can actually use it, but it can often times make the reception a better experience as well. One of the best examples of this is a hangover kit which will help your weary guests get back to normal after a long night of drinking, dancing, and other fun wedding activities.

Let’s face it; most weddings are an excuse for your friends and family members to drink way too much and act like a fool with little or no repercussions. Though this is typically a completely acceptable behavior at most weddings, it can lead to a pretty nasty morning that even a seasoned wedding veteran can regret. By supplying the perfect mix of goodies to help your guests get their day started correctly, you can expect happier people and better reviews of your reception at future anniversary parties. Here are some fun ways to present your hangover kits to your guests along with some ideas for what you can included to make them effective.

Container Options

Presentation of your hangover kit is what will actually make it a cute addition to your wedding, so make sure you take your time and choose something that fits your wedding theme. Here are a few choices that will go over very well:

  • Place the items in a canvas drawstring bag. This is probably the cheapest container option, and you can just add a little tag to the drawstring or even buy some with a custom logo printed on the front of each bag.
  • Place the items in a tin case with a custom sticker on the front. This is a more durable option, but it will be a bit pricier. Just put some filler like Easter grass inside to keep the goodies from rattling around.
  • Place the items in a wooden box. This is similar to the tin case option, but you would use a wooden box instead. This can blend better with a rustic wedding theme, and you can optionally have your wedding information burned into the lid using a wood burner kit.

Hangover Relief

There are a number of items that you’ll want to put in your hangover kits that will actually help to alleviate the symptoms your guests may be suffering from the morning after your wedding. Here are a few tried and true items that almost everyone will agree helps make the morning a little easier to handle:

  • A travel-sized bottle of Aleve, Advil, or another pain reliever for headaches.
  • Eye drops for bloodshot eyes.
  • Bandages for those bumps and bruises they didn’t feel until morning.
  • Blister cream for the backs of their feet from dancing in uncomfortable shoes all night.
  • Mouthwash to rinse out the flavor of old booze and regret.

Rejuvenating Goodies

Not only do your guests need things to alleviate the direct symptoms from their hangover, but there are also some items that will help to give them energy so they can take on the day. Here are some other thoughtful items that your guests are sure to enjoy when they finally get motivated in the AM:

  • A bottle of water for rehydration.
  • A bottle of Gatorade to replenish electrolytes and give them energy.
  • A candy bar or energy bar to help them get their energy back in a hurry.

Many people choose to put items such as Blood Mary mix or a can of beer into their hangover kits as either a gag or as a way to give their guests the “hair of the dog”, but that type of item is up to you. Just remember that when you’re giving your guests a hangover kit as a wedding favor to include all the items you like to have after a night of drinking and it should work out perfectly.