Bottle SparklersBottle sparklers have become very popular over the last few years in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants as a fun and exciting way to show off an expensive bottle of wine or champagne and encourage more sales. More recently, people have started to use bottle sparklers at weddings and other formal events to add a little more magic to the special occasion. There can be a little confusion as to what makes champagne bottle sparklers different from other types of sparklers, and we will go over the major differences below.

What Makes Bottle Sparklers Different?

Bottle sparklers are very unique compared to other types of sparklers in both their shape and the way they burn. Traditional style sparklers, such as our #36 wedding sparklers, are a steel rod with sparkler compound on the sides. With that type of sparklers, you light it and hold it in your hand as it burn all the way down the stick. With bottle sparklers, they are more of a tube shape and produce an effect more similar to that seen in a fountain firework. You simply attach one to the neck of a wine or champagne bottle before you light it with a safety clip, a rubber band, or even some scotch tape; and it produces a very unique display once you have ignited the top.

Bottle Sparklers at Nightclubs and Restaurants

As we mentioned, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants have been using bottle sparklers to increase sales on their most expensive wine and spirits for several years. Imagine someone ordering a bottle of expensive champagne for their table and it arriving with sparks pouring out of the top as it is brought through the busy club or restaurant. You can easily see how this would attract attention and cause many other tables to want the same type of personal service, and it has caused some venues to increase their high-end bottle sales by as much as 50%.

Champagne Bottle Sparklers at Weddings

As a relatively new trend, using bottle sparklers at a wedding is still gaining notoriety and traction within the industry. Fueled by brides wanting to have elements of their wedding stand out and be more memorable, using bottle sparklers to enhance a champagne toast or make a grand entrance into the reception hall has some very obvious benefits. If you have a bottle of fine champagne enter the reception hall with sparks shooting out of the top, your guests can’t help but notice. This type of pomp and parade is highly desirable at weddings, which is making the use of champagne bottle sparklers at weddings one of the hottest new trends in the wedding industry.